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News : Fix some problems on my website.

Because I used slugs and  tags – also the site was moved to another host,  it is likely to reoccur errors in tags or categories.

The content remains the same without any changes.

Any error source code will be fixed according to your wishes.

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News:The new Fedora 24 Alpha released.

Come with Fedora 24 Alpha Workstation, Fedora 24 Alpha Server, Fedora 24 Alpha Cloud, Fedora 24 Alpha Spins, Fedora 24 Alpha Labs, Fedora 24 Alpha ARM and changes under the hood.
Can be downloaded from here.

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News: jQuery 3.0 Beta Released.

The team member of jQuery Core – Timmy Willison tell us in a blog post about Query 3.0 Beta Released.
Developers with jQuery 3.0 alpha had experimented with methods like an inline-display-none-remover (.show()) and inline-display-none-adder (.hide()) and removing inline display:none did not always show the element.
Fix the custom selectors like :visible make is up to 17 times faster now.
Link jQuery with :

…or get the beta version from npm:

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News: The new alpha testing game by .

Into the New Year – 2016 we wanted to take a moment to show you the new independent game development make by Cătălin George Feștilă and website team.
Screenshot with the first image from game:
In this moment the game is tested to:

  • find and fix any non-functional aspects of the game;
  • testing to mobile devices and fix bugs;
  • find and solve game crash;
  • create one good enviroment into the game: sound , effects, etc;

We don’t :

  • take popular opinions about characters design or game design;
  • take people to afiliate to this game;

Until now, the game can be tested from here.
From all of us on the website team, we’d like to wish you all a happy New Year!

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News: Android Studio 1.5 RC 1.

See more about this into this link.

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