CodeReady Studio from RedHat.

Today I used the CodeReady from RedHat, see the official webpage.
The development team comes with this intro:
Single Development Tool, Tailored for Extreme Productivity.
Red Hat CodeReady Studio (previously named Red Hat Developer Studio) provides superior support for your entire development lifecycle. It includes a broad set of tooling capabilities and support for multiple programming models and frameworks, including container development (deploying via OpenShift, Red Hat Container Development Kit, or Docker), Java™ Enterprise Edition 7, JavaServer Faces (JSF), Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), Java Persistence API (JPA), and Hibernate®, JAX-RS with RESTEasy, Contexts Dependency Injection (CDI), Red Hat Fuse Tooling, HTML5, and many other popular technologies. It provides developer choice in supporting multiple JVMs and productivity with Maven. It is fully tested and certified to ensure that all its plug-ins, runtime components, and their dependencies are compatible with each other.
In addition, CodeReady Studio provides supplemental integration tooling in support of Red Hat Business Rules Management and Red Hat Data Virtualization.

If you want to use this IDE from RedHat then you need to download the java version 1.8.0 with OpenJDK version
Into the bin folder add the devstudio-12.11.0.GA-installer-standalone.jar.
Use this command to run it:

For more detailed info use this link.
This is the result of the running command:

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