Create android application using Codenvy and run it with Manymo – Android emulator.

Today I will show you how to make your Android application using cloud and online emulator.
The Codenvy website it’s the most used cloud IDE for developers and corporate teams so this I will use it in this tutorial.
I used Codenvy -Version: 2.8.0 to make this tutorial and Manymo – Android emulator.
Also, I used Manymo to run the android application.
First, you need to make one account of each website: Codenvy and Manymo.
First login into Codenvy website and follow these steps:
This is the first window you can see it. Type your name project in this window.
In this window will need to press the Android button to make your android application.
Select the PaaS – platform as a service (in this case is only Manymo) and press Finish button.
Don’t change the source code or any files… we will run this as default android application.
The project is made with all files to create one android application.
Log in with your Manymo account and go to Account -> Client Applications and will see your authorization token. Will need this token to put into Codenvy cloud IDE settings.
Go to Codenvy IDE website and press Run to run the application.
The Codenvy will ask you the token from Manymo website
Go to Manymo. If you see this image then all settings are ready to change and create your android application.
This is the default android application make by Codenvy.

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