Create first android project using adt-bundle-linux-x86

If you make android applications then in this tutorial you’ll learn how to create an Android project.
The easy way is to use adt bundle linux.
To use the ADT bundle Linux you need to install JRE and JDK.

You can get from oracle website.
The ADT Bundle includes everything you need to begin developing apps.
You can get it from here.
Unarchive the zip file and go to the folder:

Open the eclipse folder and run the binary.
The first image it’s splash logo, see:
android adt splash logo
The next image shows us the eclipse interface.
android adt eclipse 001
To make one project just go to FileNew Project.
android adt eclipse 002
The wizard asks to select the type of project.
This can be: from existing source code, sample project or new android project.
android adt eclipse 003
After you write the source code, just run the project.
The output will be run in android emulator.
Also, you need to make settings for this emulator.
android adt emulator
I will come with more tutorials.

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