Create your isometric character sprite with Blender 3D.

This is the default cube on Blender 3D.

Delete this cube using keys: Shift+X.

sprite 001

Use the keys to add Monkey object: Shift+A.

sprite 002

Let’s see the result.

sprite 003

Now will make some tricks.

Step 1: use key I and select LocRotScale, see below:

sprite 0031

Use the keys R and Z, type 90. This will rotate the object with 90 around Z.

Step 2: change the position of the frame to the next frame, see image below to see where it is.

sprite 0032

Repeat all steps 1 and 2. The object will be rotated with 360 degrees.

You will have 4 frames for each direction : 0, 90, 180, 270 and 360.

sprite 004

Setup the animation renders output like image shown below:

sprite 0041

Resolution X=100 Y=100.

Frame Range: End Frame: 4.

The output image will be PNG with RGBA.

The result of the animation will be four images. This will be an isometric character sprite

monkey 0001
monkey 0002
monkey 0003
monkey 0004

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