Error: Chrome and Nvidia issues.

I have problems with Chrome browser and not with another browser.
The main problem was to freeze the browser without a response.
I think this can be a problem with the NVidia driver 740M version.
First I check my version of Chrome and additional parameters using into URL area this command:

The result is this:

The next steps to debug this issue is the bugs of this info, like Flash, JavaScript, and more.
I set the NVidia to Let the 3D application decide.
It seems theoretical, the NVidia 740M drivers are inconsistent with Chrome browser settings.
Also, I disable the Superfetch service for some reasons:
Superfetch is a Windows service that is intended to speed up application launching and improve system responsiveness. It caches data so that it can be immediately available to your application. Superfetch does it by preloading programs you frequently use into RAM so that they do not have to be called from the hard drive. Sometimes this can affect the performance and to slow down your computer.
Now it works well but I expect to see if it does not interfere with other factors that work through the browser.

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