Fix Windows 10 with EMET secure application.

The Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit named EMET can be found on the Microsoft website.
Do you hear about hacking contest named Pwn2Own.
Seam the contestants managed to hack into Internet Explorer 11, but they couldn’t do it when EMET was enabled.
So let’s begin with info about this application.
Will be protected against a wide class of zero-day vulnerabilities that can appear because of the poorly written code. The EMET application is actually a suite of mitigation technologies.
It’s good to be aware that this can prevent some apps from loading, but it’s usually very rare and happens with very old apps.
Is one of the most powerful security applications Microsoft has built in recent years.
For Windows 10 you need EMET 5.x version and need set to Recommended Settings which mainly protects Microsoft’s applications.
Also, you can set it to Maximum Protection and will enforce all the protections on all applications by default.

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