Fossil software tool.

This software tool belongs to the category software configuration management.
About this tool named Fossil is a simple, high-reliability, distributed software configuration management system with these features:

  • Integrated Bug Tracking, Wiki, Forum, and Technotes;
  • Built-in Web Interface;
  • Self-Contained;
  • Simple Networking;
  • CGI/SCGI Enabled – No server is required, but if you want to set one up, Fossil supports four easy server configurations;
  • Autosync;
  • Robust & Reliable;
  • Free and Open-Source – Uses the 2-clause BSD license.

Fossil is a single self-contained C program.
This tool can be easily used.
Let’s start with install fossil by putting the fossil binary someplace on your $PATH.
I put the fossil executable into my C:\ drive path and I added to the $PATH.
This allows you to use the fossil with the first command init:

This will create the repo with a random password for your_account.
Most of these commands of fossil are very easy to understand:
For example the clone repository to your URL:

You can open the repository to work on a project with fossil:

Another option commands for fossil is:

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