Games : My first articol about Fortnite 2.

By | 23/12/2019

In this World, games are everywhere and games are worldwide.

I’m new on this website and I cannot practice games, because my laptop is not for games. I can play some games on the laptop, but other games I cannot play on this device. I usually play games on Android.

Fortnite 2 is a battle royale game and in this game, you must survive until you are alone or with your teammates. In this game, you can play matches with your friends, foreigns or play alone. In solo mode, you play alone the matches. In duo mode, you play the matches with your friend or foreign. In squad mode, you play matches with your friends or foreigns and in total there can be 3 or 4 players in a team or squad mode. In this game are a lot of skins for players and their fashion tastes. In Fortnite 2 you can swim, fish, drive boats, eat fish and more. You can find weapons to kill the other players. You can build walls, stairs, roof, ceiling, and floor. You can put traps on your build. You can restore your health with a bandage, Med Kit, chug, and more. You must not stay in the storm zone, because it gives you damage. You are on a bus and you must jump and select a location to go there.
There is the official website of Fortnite 2.

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