Games : About Mad City ROBLOX mini-game.

By | 18/01/2020

Mad City is a minigame on ROBLOX where you can be policeman, prisoner, and hero. In this minigame is a level reward where you can get skins, vehicles and more. In this game, you can choose the power of good or power of evil. You can be a villain but you need to be criminal, kill a hero and take his cristal. The prisoner is in prison. The prisoner must go to crates, barrels or trash can and look into them. He must use his items to escape prison. The hero base is on the water close to the jewelry. The hero must take the power to beat criminals or villains and not die. Each power has a benefit. you can make everthing in this minigame Example: You can help criminal, police, hero or villain. You can advance to the levels with the help of XP.
You can find this mini-game on MiniGame ROBLOX Mad-City-BOSS.

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