Google Analytics 4 – migrate to Google Analytics 4.

Go to the Google Analytics website and click on the Admin icon gear.
This will open the settings and you will see the GA4 Setup Assistant on the second column named Property.
Click on this link and you will see the wizard migrate to the new Google Analytics 4.
I want to create a new Google Analytics 4 property
We’ll create a new Google Analytics 4 property based on this Universal Analytics property.

Click on the Get Started button and on the new dialog click on Create property.
The next step is to click on the Go to your GA4 property button.
If you see this text:
This is your new GA4 property. Your connected Universal Analytics property remains unchanged. then you need to press the Open connected property button.
The last message is:
You have successfully connected your properties.
This tutorial just tells you how to migrate by connecting with the new features, the changes on Google Analytics 4 features are more complex and need to be learned more to make changes

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