Google Apps Script – show a video example – part 009.

Another issue with Google Apps Script is about shown video on sidebar area.
See also the old projects with google apps scripts.
NOTE: You can add using this way many info and data (info from google and document, maps, HTML info, and more).
Let’s start with a new project and a new document from google drive.
I named the project and the HTML file from the project with Video_online.
First, the file come with this source code:

I add a new HTML file named Video_online with this source code:

You can see into source code I used an external link to a known video from Blender 3D.
This example is a simple one:

  1.  create the add-on, see: onInstall, onOpen and showSidebar functions.
  2.  run the HTML and play a video with the video area and button javascript.

This is the result of my add-on:

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