Google Apps Script – get activities – part 028.

This is an update the last tutorial about Google Apps Script and shows you how to use App
First, you need to update your Advanced Google services.
Open an empty google document text or spreadsheet and using the main menu to open the Script editor from the menu Tools.
You need to enable the API from the menu of Script editor on ResourcesAdvanced Google services with your Google Apps Script project.

In this case, I enable the AppsActivity with version 1, see the screenshot:

When you check this to on, you need to agree with these settings and your Google account permission.
To do that, see the next screenshots:

This will let you to use the application.
Now, I can see my activity using AppsActivity.
In your Script editor add this source code and run it, the output is shown with the main menu, the View and Logs, or use Ctrl + Enter keys.

The output of this source code on my account is this…

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