Google Apps Script – testing online google youtube A.P.I. – part 044.

If you still haven’t figured out how Google’s A.P.I. works, here’s a simple example to help you understand.
Open this link and fill in only the fields part and channelId with: snippet and UChdrIsYOHZXgEyCLaOHc2Ew.
This string ID UChdrIsYOHZXgEyCLaOHc2Ew is the channelId for the TVRcanaluloficial youtube channel.
Then press Execute button and give the authorization for interrogation using All.
This will return with 200 response with this content result:

1. You can click on the “list (any channel)” link and fields will fill with information then you can run it.
2. Some channels don’t have information added, see the NASA youtube channel, the result will be like this:

In this case, you will not be able to take data as channelId because it does not exist, and you will have to find another method.

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