Google Apps Script – the CLASP tool – part 011.

This tutorial is about CLASP.
You can use locally this tool that lets you create, edit, and deploy Apps Script projects.
The clasp requires Node.js >= v4.7.4 to be installed.

This will open a webpage to authenticate with your Google account.

Next step: create your project folder and use it with Google Apps Script.
Use create command created a standalone script.

This will not be linked with the Google Apps project.
You need to create one and use a clone.
To do this you can get the Script_ID
This can be found in your project: File > Project properties > Info > Script ID.
Copy the value and use it in the following command:

The project is downloaded in your current directory.
To open the script in the cloud use:

Next commands can be used to use files locally.
The clasp push replaces code that is on and clasp pull replaces all files locally.
This tool is available on GitHub.

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