Google – Starting development with Google and Google Assistant – part 003.

I used the Default Welcome Intent to add the new option for my assistant with GOOGLE ASSISTANT.
The GOOGLE ASSISTANT comes with many features like a rich response.
Use a rich response if you want to display visual elements to enhance user interactions with your Action. These visual elements can provide hints on how to continue a conversation.
These are rich responses:

  • One or two simple responses or chat bubbles;
  • An optional basic card;
  • Optional suggestion chips;
  • An optional link-out chip;

You need a billing account in order to use this feature.
You can test on the test area from the Google actions console.
Let’s see how can add a rich response named Suggestion Chips.
Suggestion Chips let you add responses into the area of the dialog with the assistant.
If you get this error: Validate limits for intent with display name ‘Default Fallback Intent’ failed because of the following reasons: Validate messages for language ‘en’ failed because of the following reasons:
If you want to enable a rich message element or add a simple response, “Use response from the DEFAULT tab as the first response” toggle should be enabled. Code: FAILED_PRECONDITION

The error is from the check button to set this:
Use responses from the DEFAULT tab as the first responses.

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