Install povray and arbaro under Fedora .

Install povray-3.6
You need to download it from here.
Unarchive the povlinux-3.6.tgz in your user home folder.
Let’s install it. Press U and select /home/YOUR-USER/.povray. See the output.

As you see the YOUR-USER is your user.
Now, edit the config file to working with arbaro:

Make these settings:

Anyway, seam the pov can be used. I set the arbaro folder to render a png image.

Install arbaro
Download it from here.
Extract the files and folders into arbaro folder.
Use this command to run it.

As I told you: if the rendered image is not shown in the pov then set the render into the arbaro folder.
All the settings of the object tree can be made from the left panel.
Next, we can see some images from arbaro.
arbaro povray fedora
arbaro povray fedora
arbaro povray fedora

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