Introduction about online jsFiddle website .

This website named jsFiddle it’s a great web tool.
You can allow you to test your javascript scripts, CSS, HTML … over the internet.
The site is made by Piotr Zalewa.
One great article about Piotr Zalewa can be found here.
You can read the documentation for jsFiddle.
What I used this website tool?
First, I can use to write javascript, CSS, HTML, and test all over the internet.
This website comes with some features like:

  • I can use the Codereview / kata;
  • Debugging my scripts;
  • Collaboration with users can sign up and work on the same fiddle simultaneously;
  • Unit testing with for example QUnit and Jasmine;
  • clean up the code – “tidy it” and run jslint;
  • Working on that CSS easy and provide examples for forums, blogs;
  • I can testing new frameworks like WebGL…

Now let’s see how to do it. Create your account and take a first look of the website.


You will see four areas/panels:

  • HTML  – will type your HTML code;
  • JavaScript – your javascript testing example;
  • CSS – the CSS area of source code;
  • … and the result/output.

In the top of the webpage you will have:

  • Run – this button will run your example;
  • Save – this will save your example and will come after with few buttons:
    • Update – will update your run example and you will see it into result /output area;
    • Fork – this button is used to create a new fiddle from the existing one;
    • Base – the user who created the first version may change the base version;
  • TidyUp – his button will help format your code and cleaning up JavaScript formatting;
  • JSHint – this will help verify that your JavaScript is valid;
  • Collaboration – is a service for your website that makes it easy to collaborate in real-time on – need to Edit fiddle – JSFiddle to use mail, chat, microphone ;
  • Share – will share your work.

The left side of this website tool will come with one menu.
Most used is the External Resources where you can put the link of the javascript and used with your source code. for example add this:
The Languages let you set the JavaScript / CoffeeScript and also the CSS / SCSS.
I will come with some tutorials about WebGL and some useful javascript scripts.

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