JavaScript – deck – online slides.

Here’s another tutorial on javascript that I think should be remembered.
This javascript tool named deck.js help you to:

  • Create a deck with slides.
  • The slide has content into simple HTML.
  • You can choose themes, like slide styles and one for deck transitions.
  • Also, you can include extensions to add extra functionality to your deck or leave it stripped down.

This javascript tool can be found here and come with this structure:

  • deck.core
  • deck.goto
  • deck.navigation
  • deck.scale
  • deck.status

How this working?
Let’s see a simple example.
First, download the deck.js from here.
Open the folder and you will find an HTML file named boilerplate.html.
This file shows a basic example of the slideshow.
You just need to change this part of source code with your content:

A good presentation of the functionality of this tool is here.
A list of themes, extensions, and tools available for deck.js can be found here.

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