JavaScript – FlipClock .

Another tutorial about javascript and HTML5.
The FlipClock is a javascript source code and tool to let you make a flip clock.
As you know :
A flip clock is an electromechanical, digital timekeeping device with the time indicated by numbers that are sequentially revealed by a split-flap display.
This javascript come with many options and feature to set your flip clock:

  • Hourly Counter
  • Minute Counter
  • Daily Counter
  • 12hr Clock
  • 24hr Clock
  • General Counter

You need to download it and then you can try the examples from examples folder.
The next example comes with the base of the CSS file and the flipclock.js.
I just set the clockFace setting to TwentyFourHourClock.
You can use this javascript to show: counter, countdown or interval.

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