Komodo – the best IDE that support code completion.


The Komodo Edit it’s a very powerful free editor for major programming languages like : Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Tcl, Javascript and other.

You can download this IDE from here.

I will show you how working. First you need to unarchive the Komodo-Edit-8.0.2-12590-linux-x86.tar.gz .

Use this to install the IDE.

The Komodo 8.0.2 comes with some project features and good syntax highlighting and code completion.

The application come with some templates to start your project.


The next image show the default python template.


The next image show the default html5 template.


The code completion can be difficult to use , but you can handle in time.


The main goal of Komodo it’s not so big like Eclipse , and working well.

Also Komodo comes with addons to increase the functionality of the IDE.



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