Linux – How to test Slax 9.9.0 released with QEMU.

The new Slax version 9.9 was released just a few seconds ago. It contains updates for all core packages, most noticeable is the update of Chromium web browser, which added 10 MB to the total ISO size for no apparent reason, unfortunately, there is nothing we could do about it.
Next version of Slax is planed in a few months.
If you have a suggestion or an idea which should be included in the next version, feel free to get in touch, simply send email to, no registration required.
The size of the Slax is very good:
Slax 64bit 9.9.0 slax-64bit-9.9.0.iso 264 MB
Slax 32bit 9.9.0 slax-32bit-9.9.0.iso 270 MB
Slax iPXE 9.9.0 slax-ipxe.iso 0.88 MB
After I download the ISO I used the QEMU software from here to test the Slax.
This command will start the Slax Linux with the memory set up to 2048 Mb of RAM from the system:

You can get yourself a cool and useful gift, buy Slax preinstalled on devices with a good price.
You can download this Linux distro from here.

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