Modifying shortcuts keys on Bluefish 1.0.7

Bluefish is a good software to edit web page. The Linux user can use keyboard shortcuts.

Open a new Untitled 0 Bluefish 1.0.7 document.

First, move the mouse over a menu entry. For example use :

See image below:

free tutorial bluefish editor

To remove a shortcut, hit twice the backspace key.

First, you will see text BackSpace this mean is assign the backspace key.

When you press the backspace key a second time you will not have any assigned key.

Now we need to save the shortcut key combinations. To make this use from the menu software tag.

bluefish editor

If you want to restore the default combinations simply stop Bluefish and remove this file from :

Now we will restart the Bluefish software.

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