Network and Windows – WiFi and hotspots settings.

Under Windows 10 settings will need to see and make your change for WiFi.
Open Settings will see on the Network & Internet icon and WiFi.
The settings can be used or not to set the On-Off button.
I used most of the settings with Off for hotspots for security reasons and because I do not travel.
The WiFi Sense is made to automatically connect you to open Wi-Fi hotspots.
The Wi-Fi hotspots to suggest, Wi-Fi Sense has to know where you are so is need to Location service turned on in Settings > Privacy > Location
You can use register editor try toAutoConnectAllowedOEM (for earlier versions of Windows than Windows 10 Version 1511):

Another option is Hotspot 2.0 and Windows 10 tell us:
Hotspot 2.0 is a standard for seamless authentication to hotspots. Hotspot 2.0 offers an encrypted connection between the client and the access point. It uses IEEE 802.11u to communicate with the provider before it establishes a connection. Authentication and encryption are provided by using WPA2-Enterprise together with one of several EAP methods.
You can use On-Off button or register editor.
Using the .reg files below make changes to the DWORD value in the registry key below.

The value is Hotspot2SignUp DWORD and come with this values: 0 = On or 1 = Off.
The Paid Wi-Fi Services enable you to get online by buying Wi-Fi at the hotspot through Windows Store.
Microsoft Wi-Fi is a paid service that operates much the same as Skype Wi-Fi did previously.

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