News: The new Go version 1.11 .

A few hours ago a new version of the go programming language was released.
The latest version of Go, version 1.11 comes with the changes and deployment for the tool, runtime, and libraries version.

  • Go 1.11 adds an experimental port to WebAssembly (js/wasm).
  • Go 1.11 adds preliminary support for a new concept called modules like an alternative to GOPATH with integrated support for versioning and package distribution.
  • The new package provides a simple API for locating and loading packages of Go source code.
  • The assembler for amd64 now accepts AVX512 instructions.
  • The compiler now produces significantly more accurate debug information
  • The go vet command now reports a fatal error when the package under analysis does not type check.
  • Go 1.11 will be the last release to support godoc’s command-line interface.

… and many features.

More details at the golang website.

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