Old tips and tricks with Ogre and Blender.

Blender is an open source 3D content creation suite.
Ogre 3D is a 3D library for multiple desktop and mobile platforms.
But is a problem between this tow way.
The last Blender 3D did not have yet a script to export the mesh to last Ogre 3D.
What we can do ?. It’s a simple way to make all working.
Use the old version of these two and you can also use old video cards.
After you make all settings of code::blocks to use all Ogre libraries, you need to use some tricks.
First, in your source code you need to tell about this:

This means all three files are using the 3D engine.
On Linux first file – plugins.cfg it is on my distro:

But is because I use a very old video card.
Let’s see the next file – ogre.cfg.

As we see it’s an easy way to set some settings like 600 x 400.
The ogre.log it’s used to show the problems.
Let’s see another step in the source code:

This load the file – resources.cfg.
Let’s see this file:

The YOUR-USER is your user home folder.
The YOUR-PROJECT it is the folder of project code::blocks.
The OGRE-FOLDER-MEDIA is a folder of all files is export by Blender 3D.
Let me show my simple example using NVIDIA FX video card.
The next image shows us one 3D object which is a mesh object.
ogre blend
After I make all materials and mesh with the same name.
I use the script to export ogre mesh using the 2.49a version.
ogre blend
The next two images show the settings I need to make to have a mesh.
ogre blend
ogre blend
Also, you keep just the object you need to export.
You can use the simple C++ source code to render with Ogre Engine.
ogre blend

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