You can read more about this features on the official webpage. The following features are available in the 6.0.200 version of the .NET SDK. They’re available in Visual Studio 2022 version 17.2. These are currently preview features and any feature may change before its final release. generic attributes; static abstract… Continue Reading News: What’s new in C# 11.

You need to run on admin this command:

This script will show if the Hyper-V is enabled or not.

Here’s how to enhance your GitHub page with your trophies. You had to add the following source code to the page, replacing YOUR_GITHUB_ACCOUNT with your GitHub account name.

An example can be seen at my GitHub webpage.

Use these commands with administrator privileges. I’m using a licensed Windows 8.1 purchased with my old laptop, and I found these commands useful for information about activation settings:

The last command show all licenses for your Windows.

Most users know how to use the SFC command and in this tutorial, I will show you how to fix it with Windows recovery media. The Windows recovery media can be downloaded from the Windows official website, see the Window 10 download. The System File Checker known as the SFC… Continue Reading Windows – fix with SFC using the Windows recovery media.

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