News: Google on Spain.

This is not news because the google announcement was on May 25, 2022. We’re continuing to expand our global footprint — and we’re doing it rapidly. In 2020, we announced our plans to launch a new cloud region to help accelerate the economic recovery and growth of Spain. Today, we’re excited to announce that our new Google Cloud region… Read More »

News: Feedly with artificial intelligence engine.

This is not very new news but the implementation is quite recent. Feedly is one of the best RSS readers I used. Now, this online tool uses an artificial intelligence engine. The core of Feedly for Market Intelligence is an AI engine, called Leo, that automatically gathers, analyzes, and prioritizes intelligence from millions of sources… Read More »

Web – codewars online tool for developers.

Codewars is a platform that helps you learn, train, and improve your coding skills by solving programming tasks of many types and difficulty levels. You choose how you would like to learn. Do you want to take on increasingly difficult challenges? Maybe you prefer training through repetition and by improving your solutions. After solving a… Read More »

JavaScript – airtable nodejs example – 002.

In the last tutorial, I used a default template project and this is shown on the source code like this:

If you use a grid view, see the next image: then the source code for selection is this:

If you want to use javascript, it needs to have a good field name. For… Read More »

Web – Database online tool : db-fiddle.

This online tool help you to test and run issues with databases and tables using: MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite: You can see bellow one screenshot with some MySQL queries: