Parsing files and rename …

Sometimes you have to rename files. This can be tiring when we do it manually. Command sed may be helpful in this case. I’ll take a simple example. I will create a working directory called work. We have to create files with the command:

The result should be :

Try these commands to… Read More »

Useful commands for Windows XP

These are commands that can be used in the command line in Windows XP.

Create ls command on Windows XP.

When using the command line on Windows have a big problem. This happens because I use Linux on my computer. Command alias of Linux gave me the idea. I put these lines of code in the Autoexec.bat file:

Now, using the REGEDIT command to startup Autoexec.bat. If you try to use ls -l this… Read More »

Linux commands : “find” and the option “empty”

The command find is quite used to Linux. One of these uses is for finding files and folders that are empty. Finding empty files:

Finding empty directories:

Counting them is by using pipes, as in the examples below:

We can do the same for those which are not empty.

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Generate an MD5 hash under linux .

I will present two examples to generate an md5 hash from an input string. The first example uses the openssl.

The second example uses md5sum.

This is all.

Gnome online accounts – error proxy

The error is this:

To solve this you need to do these steps: Under System Settings->Network->Network proxy – this is under online Accounts on the same menu, switching to None will solve this error

Linux lsof command.

LiSt Open Files (LSOF) is an excellent utility for managing and tracking network connections on your Linux system. This utility allows you to see what program is operating on an open port, which daemons have established connections, and what ports are open on your server. You can list open ports, identify connections currently being made… Read More »