warning: implicit declaration of function …

Some errors you might encounter when you compile with code::blocks.

It seems that your header files have no prototype declared for some of the functions. In this case, the function itself is implicitly treated as the function prototype.

You need to add some parentheses. If your code is like :

…then the… Read More »

Change settings and passwords in Windows using Linux

In this tutorial, I will present a way to change or delete a user password in a Windows XP operating systems or Windows 7. On Windows Vista, I have not tried it yet, but you can try. I get under Fedora 15 this software, using yum.

You need to locate the SAM file. Under… Read More »

How to use the import command to take screenshots?

This tutorial works very well on older versions of Fedora 15. It is necessary that you have ImageMagick installed.

To create a screen capture using the following command:

Use the following command for a png image format:

Command import has options for this purpose without using the mouse.

If you want… Read More »

Convert text to HTML using regular expressions with Geany – part 004.

Open a blank page and write this text in Geany:

Press CTRL + H and make changes as shown below: The text will be ahead html paragraph tag. The text will be the end of the paragraph html tag end of each line. So I turned a simple text in html source code.

Using wget tool.

Download entire site, use command:

If you want the pages that site links than using:

If you want to download only jpg files, then use: