Set default template on OpenOffice Writer

Create default template and edit old template

First you need to have OpenOffice. To create a default template should follow the following steps:

  •    Create a new document File menu -> New , and change  settings or styles as you desire.This will be your template .


  •    From the File menu, choose Templates -> Save.


  •    Give the template a name. In this case i give “This_is_new_template
  •    Select a category in the Categories list (for example, My Templates).


  •    Click OK to save the template.
  •    Choose File -> Templates -> Organize.


  •    In the Categories list, double-click on the My Templates folder.


  •    Right-click on the template you want to use and choose Set as Default Template from the menu.
  •    Click the Close button.
  •    If you want to edit a template, then File -> Templates -> Edit


  •    You will see  Open Dialog and then you select the template to be modified.
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Yumex on Fedora

Yumex – best GUI to install packages on Fedora

You need to use this commands to start “yumex”


[mypc@home ~]$ su
[root@home mypc]# yumex

On this image you see Yumex GUI and how install packages

yumex install


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Assign keys on Linux

Setting special keys on linux !

I use “Fedora 9“. Use “System” -> “Preferences” -> “Personal” -> “Keyboard Shortcuts” .


You will see this dialog :


You have this options:

“Sound”, “Desktop”, “Window Manager”

I select “Desktop” for example :


How configure one key ?

Use left click mouse button on old key from right .

See on next picture “New shortcut…” and now press the key you want to assign.


This is all i want to show !


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