Show the all processors.

Use this command to show all the processors:

Show the munber of the all processors

Go to the :

All of this folders and file have infos about your processors, but you need to use acpi.

Bluefish editor – create your new snippet

Go to the snippet tab (see 1) and add a new snippet (see 2), like in the image show below: Add Insert string and press Forward button. Give the name of the snippet. Add the text before and after the text or cursor position. See my example below: Select the new snippet, press right click… Read More »

Replace words in the fields of table using SQL.

If you trying to apply a global text string with an replace , than use this:

The your_sql_table is the name of the table. The field_from_your_sql_table is the field with records where will be find and repleced words. The wrong_word is the word search and replace by good_word