Using pip for installing and managing Python packages.

An easy_install replacement is pip. So pip installs packages and managing Python packages. Let’s try to install packages.

Install the pip package. The recommended way to use pip is within virtualenv, since every virtualenv has pip installed in it automatically.

Let’s try again with PyOpenGL and PyOpenGL_accelerate packages.

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Embedding python in C under Fedora 16

About the source code. I will try to embedding python in C application.I will use a simple python script. This is a simple example using pygame python module.

Make new folder and named Python_C using this commands in shell:

Let’s see the C source code.

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How to use 7z files on Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora

Install p7zip on Fedora

Install p7zip on Debian and Ubuntu

Uncompressing a example.7z 7zip file in Linux.

Creating a 7zip compression file in Linux.

error: You need to set both JAVA_HOME and PLUGIN_HOME

The error is like:

Both JAVA_HOME and PLUGIN_HOME are environment variables. Use the next command: