How to find duplicates of an image on Internet ?

We use an extension that accesses a site specialized.

This is the extension named:
TinEye Reverse Image Search

After installation we can use it easily by clicking the right mouse.

In the menu that appears, we will find this tool: on TinEye Image Search.

Click on it and you will be redirected to the official web site with the outcome.

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Unwrapping a mesh under Blender 2.5

The Blender 2.5 has a number of options available to map the UVW coordinates of an object.

The “UVW map” is a result of process.

This result is essentially a set of co-ordinates use to tell them how a texture image is supposed to be applied over the surfaces of a model.

Go on UV Editing, select the object ( the cube in this case) and enter on Edit Mode.

All keys will be pressed with the mouse cursor in the area 3D View, where the object is edited.

Now if you press key U and select first option you will see this …

UVW map simple

… if you select Smart UV Project, you will see the second image.

UVW map smart project

The best approach is to use a systems of cuts, referred to as Seams, are specially marked edge elements.

See in next image , how unwrapping process knows to split and make the UVW map.

In this case. select some edges and press Ctr+E select option Mark Seam.

I select edges from a face , and result is this:

UVW map seam

This is just a simple example , you can find more options.

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Geany – regular expressions – part 3

I used Geany under Windows at this time.

Problem to be solved was:

Eliminine to start numbering from the source code taken from the Internet.

Use keys CTR + H to make replace text with regular expressions and check Use regular expressions from dialog.

For this we use the combination &#94[0-9]means the beginning of a row and numbers and press In Document button.

See that in the image below:

geany regular expressions image

Here are the results presented in the following image:

geany regular expressions image

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Aligning normals in Blender 3d: Ctrl + A

Sometimes when the model in Blender, normals go haywire.

Any attempt to fix the normals recalculated normals recalculated outside or inside, fail.

This is the case exemplified in the image below

Just go on Object Mode select object and press keys Ctrl + A .

In that case you’ll be forced to reset transformations ( Ctrl + A -> Scale and Rotation to ObData)

See next image:

Next go on Edit Mode by pressing TAB key , and you will see the result.

… and I solved the problem

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Windows XP Tweaking – part 1

Windows 7 appeared, but Windows XP is still used by many users.
In this tutorial i will show some tweaks.

Optimize Boot Files


You need to reboot after applying this tweak. This key setting enables the boot files defragmenter.

This move the boot files to the beginning part of the partition and make fastest booting process.

Setting EnablePrefetcher

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\PrefetchParameters]

On this key the default setting is 3 , set on 5.This gives more system resources to prefetch application data for faster load times.

Master File Table Zone Reservation


This key named NtfsMftZoneReservation with default setting is 1. The range is from 1 to 4

If you have 1 then system use one-eighth of the volume for the MFT, 2 reserves one-quarter, 3 reserves three-eighths of MFT and 4 4 reserves half of the volume. I use 2 option.

Force XP to unload DLL’s


If don’t have this key then is need to create it.

XP keeping dynamic link libraries, this key force XP to unload any DLLs in memory when the application is no longer in memory.

Disable “user tracking”


Many users don’t use information collected by XP. Set it to 1 and will disable user tracking features of the system.

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