PowerShell tips – part 005.

This is another tutorial about PowerShell tips and one PowerShell command: Get-WindowsOptionalFeature.
Start by using the windows key and try to find the PowerShell by typing: PowerShell.
When you see it use right-click the Windows PowerShell and select Run As Administrator from the action menu.
This will open the PowerShell command shell.
Use this command to see all information about the status of the optional Windows features: enabled, disabled, or otherwise:

To have a better view you can use these options:

The where state -eq enabled will show us all features are enabled.
The last part us ft is an alias for Format-Table and –a is the partial parameter for autosize.
You can use PowerShell_ISE to start PowerShell editor, save the new file named: OptionalFeatures .ps1.
Into this file you can add the command :

The last part is to run like Administrator this PowerShell script:

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