Programming with FASM – ComboBox Control – part 001.

Today I start with a simple FASM tutorial about combo box control.
In this tutorial, I will show you how to deal with this control.
First, you need to create a simple window and then to add it.
The steps are very simple:

  • start program with the format PE GUI 4.0
  • define the entry start point to start running ;
  • include library win32a;
  • create two ID’s: one for window form and one for combo box control;
  • create sections for : .code, .idata.text and .rc;
  • create a variable ( named by me szInitText ) to use like string message into the .itext area ;
  • fill the .idata and .irc with my source code ( default settings for window and set the dialog item );
  • create the DialogProc and fill with all is a need to make the window form;

This source code just creates combo box control without items.

This is the source code of this tutorial:

This is the result :

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