Programming with FASM – OpenAI and FASM programming.

The entire world map praises OpenAI for its ability to analyze, sort, and give correct feedback on a defined issue. I do not completely agree, there are still reminders related to the way of solving complex tasks. An example is creating source code in an assembler for FASM. Although FASM is very strict in terms of hardware programming, OpenAI fails to produce functional source code. I stayed yesterday for almost a few hours to analyze the result returned by OpenAI and I offered correction feedback in solving the errors and the result was negative. From my point of view, it will take a few more years until we have an OpenAI that will allow us to program in assembler. I would highlight the fact that assembler programming is used in strict areas of interest such as: automation, gaming, software drivers, and learning to program machines or hardware …
This is a combination of source code from assembly and C programming language created by OpenAI Chat, after many questions and feedback with errors, and this source code is not working:

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