Programming with FASM – the format ELF executable – part 007 .

The tutorial for today is about debugging and FASM with fdbg tool.
For debugging and testing you can use any debugger, but you can use the
You can here all version for these operating system: GUI for Windows x64, Windows x64, Linux x64 and UEFI x64.
I used the Linux x64 version for this tutorial.
I download and unarchive it in a folder named fdbg:

You can link this tool to /usr/bin or into /bin or into $HOME/bin, see these commands:

You can see all permisions for this symlink.
The next step is to have a file for the debugging process and I duplicate this tool with cp command:

Let’s start the debugging process with this tool and use h to see the help:

Now you can use this tool very easy:

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