Python 3.7.3 and Firebase python module.

The tutorial for today consists of using the Firebase service with python version 3.7.3.
As you know Firebase offers multiple free and paid services.
In order to use the Python programming language, we need to use the pip utility to enter the required modules.
If your installation requires other python modules then you will need to install them in the same way.

The next step is to log in with a firebase account and create or use a project with a database.
You must use this link to see your project data and create your JSON configuration file for access.
Here’s a screenshot of an old project in another programming language that I used for this tutorial.

At point 1, you will find Project SettingsService accounts and you will need to use the Generate new private key button.
This will generate a JSON file that we will use in the python script.
Be careful to define the path to the python script file.
At point 2, you will find the database or you will need to create it to use it.
The script I’m going to present has commented on the lines for a better understanding of how to use it.

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