Python and Inkscape extensions – part 001.

In today’s tutorial, I will show you how to create your own extension for the Inkscape graphics program.
This extension will be added to the main menu at ExtensionsExtensions by catafestcatafest test – 001.
Open the Inkscape software and from the menu choose: Edit – Preferences – System and look for the location where the Inkscape extensions are stored. In Inkscape, looks like this:

I created a folder called catafest and with Visual Code I created two files named: catafest_extension.inx, and
For catafest_extension.inx the source code is this:

For the source code is this:

I restarted Inkscape software and in the main menu this extension was visible, like this:

I clicked on that button named catafest – test 001 and it displayed something like this:

I clicked on the Ok button and it added a blue square as I defined it in the python source code.

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