Remote Web Server PHP using the NetBeans IDE

By | 27/12/2012

You can create and debug your PHP project locally and then deploy it on the remote server.

To do this , you need to set up and run configuration using FTP or SFTP connection.

First, open project with PHP Application from Remote Server.

remote connection netbeans linux

In the next wizard window we can select:

Project Name

Sorces Folder – the location of the application source files

PHP Version – the php you use

Default Encoding – your files encoding

Put NetBeans metadata… – optional, the location of the project internal files.

… and press Next button.

remote connection netbeans linux

The next settings is:

Project URL – the url of your php website

Remote Connection – press Manage to set FTP or SFTP connection

Upload Directory – the folder with files to upload to your website.

NOTE: if you don’t have files the wizard will stop after will set the connection.Put in your folder: local and remote one file.

remote connection netbeans linux

This will set the FTP or SFTP connection. Need to be the same with your website server.

Connection Name – give the name of your connection

Connection Type – set the type of connection: FTP or SFTP

remote connection netbeans linux

Now, the settings of your connection:

Host Name, User Name and Password – it’s the same like your webserver connection.

Private Key File and Known host File – set if you know and have a key

Initial Directory – is the folder path of your website from your webserver

Timeout(s) and Keep-alive … – just if you want to set that

remote connection netbeans linux

This warning message will tell is create and use a key.Don’t worry will show when you try to connect to website.

remote connection netbeans linux

This is the folder from webserver.I create a index file as I tell you (see NOTE)

remote connection netbeans linux

The finish wizzard file see this folders and file.

remote connection netbeans linux

The IDE show us the files. Now you are ready to working on your project.

remote connection netbeans linux

Click right on Source Files and select Syncronize… this allow you to syncronize your files with the files from your webserver.

I will show how in the next tutorial. See you later.

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