Roblox – Import a FBX model.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to import a model created with Blender 2.8 software.
The Roblox Studio can import FBX file format like meshes.
First, let’s see how can be imported into Roblox Studio.
To import meshes use the Import button at the bottom of the Game Explorer window from main menu ViewGame Explorer.
Then select your option: one mesh or as separate meshes.
The as separate meshes will import your object created in Blender 3D with as separate meshes into as separate meshes.
If you want to add it into the workspace area then use the same Game ExplorerMeshes, use right-click and select one of the options, like Insert.
For exporting the mesh follow these steps.
Create your model with Blender 2.8 software and use the FBX file format to export it.
Use the Blender menu for FileExportFBX (.fbx) and select these options:

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