Security – clean and flush your internet settings.

By default, most operating systems will cache IP addresses and other Domain Name System (DNS) records in order to fulfill future requests more quickly.
I type in in my browser’s address bar for the first time, and the browser has to ask DNS servers where to find the site.
That information, the browser can store in its local cache for the next time I type it again.
These DNS settings vary depending on your computer’s operating system.
It is an interdependence between browser settings and storage with the operating system …
First, you need to clean the operating system.
Use the administrator command shell to run these commands:

Go to your Chrome browser and use these steps:
Go to chrome://net-internals/#dns and click “Clear Host Cache”
Go to chrome://net-internals/#sockets and click “Flush Socket Pools”
You can use the Brave browser in the same way but with the brave word, see brave://net-internals/#dns.
Also, you can clean the host cache and flush the socket pools to get Chrome to refresh the DNS cache:
The last step is this:
Open Control Panel
Locate and double-click the Internet Options icon.
Click Content Tab
Use Clear SSL State.

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