Security – QUIC and web browsers.

Originally announced in 2013, QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections) is an experimental network protocol, which runs on top of the UDP protocol and is usually requested through port 443 with an Alternative Service HTTP request header flag.

QUIC requests are often made through the same port (443) that is used for TCP requests.

The easiest way to capture and observe QUIC traffic in detail is within the chrome://net-internals interface. Some chrome://net-internals shortcuts are included below for reference.
You can use it on the brave browser like this: brave://net-internals.
You can use brave://flags/ or chrome://flags/ then search QUIC to see and disable this protocol.
You can record the with chrome://net-export/ and see it with:
Is QUIC better for the internet world? See this video tutorial from

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