Security – Windows 10 and YubiKey 4.

I bought a useful YubiKey 4 device a few years ago, today they have more advanced devices.
The idea was to use it for authentication with the Windows operating system.
Today, Windows 10 no longer recognizes it as a possible authentication device.
Let’s see how we can solve this issue.
First, let’s test this with Security Key , go to StartSettingsAccountsSign-in optionsSecurity Key.
You will receive this information:

Use this software from this webpage and configure an OTP password.
After configuration, open notepad, enter the YubiKey 4 device and click on the icon on the device to generate the password.
You can create a backup for this password in case something happens.
You will see that it will be the same password for each press.
The last step is to set up automatic login using a Windows authentication with a PIN that also contains characters from the password.
Use option called Include letters and symbols in order to use the YubiKey 4 OTP feature.

Now you can connect with Hello PIN and YubiKey 4.

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