Set default template on OpenOffice Writer

Create default template and edit the old template

First, you need to have OpenOffice. To create a default template should follow the following steps:

  •    Create a new document File menu -> New, and change settings or styles as you desire (this will be your template);


  •    From the File menu, choose Templates -> Save ;


  •    Give the template a name. In this case i give “This_is_new_template“;
  •    Select a category in the Categories list (for example, My Templates) ;


  •    Click OK to save the template ;
  •    Choose File -> Templates -> Organize ;


  •    In the Categories list, double-click on the My Templates folder ;


  •    Right-click on the template you want to use and choose Set as Default Template from the menu ;
  •    Click the Close button ;
  •    If you want to edit a template, then File -> Templates -> Edit ;


  •    You will see  Open Dialog and then you select the template to be modified ;

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