Setup the NetBeans IDE and Android SDK .

By | 04/10/2012

NetBeans IDE is free and open source IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

I tested the latest version a few days ago and I am very pleased with him.

The main reason is that it integrates very well the android SDK (Software Development Kit).

Let’s try to use this. First we need to download it with JAVA EE from here.

We have all of java : NetBeans Platform SDK, Java SE, Java SE, Java FX, Java FX, Java EE .

If you don’t know what is all of JAVA’s then you must read about JAVA technologies.

After I download it , run the sh script and will find one icon named NetBeans IDE 7.2.

Click it and will start the NetBeans IDE 7.2 and we see the spash of the IDE.

netbeans 2012 tutorial

Next , we will see the first windows of the IDE.

In the next image we see some links to help us.

netbeans 2012 tutorial

Let’s begin to install the android plugin.Go to Tools -> Plugins and click on this.

netbeans 2012 tutorial

In the new window go to Settings tab and the link.

NOTE: the IDE will ask you to restart when he want to make some settings.

netbeans 2012 tutorial

Search android in the Available Plugins. You need to check it and after install or update the android plugin.

netbeans 2012 tutorial

Start a new project using File -> New Project or using the keys : Ctr+Shift+N.

The IDE will give you one dialog to set the project.

Select the type of the project: Android and Android Project and press Next button. See the next image:

netbeans 2012 tutorial

The next step is to set Manage Android SDK. To do this you need to have the Android SDK on your computer.

You can download it from here.

netbeans 2012 tutorial

You need to select the type of Android SDK … this will be used in the project.

netbeans 2012 tutorial

Now you can start to programming your first android project.

Don’t forget to learn first, how android applications work and how to programming in java.

This has to be your main goals.

You can read more about NetBeans IDE 7.2 here.

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