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Fix error: lib: alc_initconfig: Failed to initialize backend “pulse”Segmentation fault

Just install package pulseaudio and then start it with :

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Working with android emulator – part 001.

Today I will show you how to deal with android emulator.

I use in this tutorial the android from Pygame Subset for Android.

You can use any android SDK and also you can read my tutorial about Pygame Subset for Android.

First you need to install mesa development libs.

The next step is to create one avd.

We can see all avd with :

If you got this error …

…you need to export LD_LIBRARY_PATH and then you can start emulator

You can use -no-audio arg to make emulator faster.

… or just use this:

Tne next command will install your aplucation on emulator. Open another terminal and use this:

And now you can tets your application…

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Use Fingerprints to check web server’s secure connection certificate.

To make sure that you are connected to the right secure website you can use Fingerprints website.

You compare the fingerprint of its certificate in your browser against a trusted source that provides you with fingerprint records.

Looking up fingerprint certificates because each web browser handles this in a different way.

Now compare the fingerprint displayed in the web browser to the certificate pulled by the script on the GRC website.

Also some companies can use multiple certificates that’s mean that the certificate differs even if you are connected to the real website or server.

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Find people interesting about something with facebook.

This is very simple task to find people on facebook.

What you need is firstname and last name interesting about something , like Python in this case.

Open your facebook profile and type this:

See the next image :


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Simple webpage with node.js and express framework – part 001

First you need to see my first tutorial about node.js and express from default-web-application-with-express-framework-and-node-js.

Now after you make all settings from tutorial will go to the next step.

Let see versions of : node and npm :

Now will need to test to default express page (like in the last tutorial).

When you running nodemon you can type rc command to restart the child process and Ctr+C to stop it.

I will use Jade sintax for webpage and Stylus to generate stylesheets.

We need to make some changes… Go to views folder and will see two file:

Let’s it’s index.jade will not change now…

…and another named layout.jade this will be changed. See default file:

Now change the content of layout.jade will be like this:

After each change will be need to restart child process (in test001 folder not from another folder):

The webpage will be like this:


You can see also this file in the source code : /stylesheets/style.css .

Use the next commands to see stylesheets files:

I’m using Stylus so then open the style.styl (not style.css) file.

The content of the file is :

Now we need to change the stylesheet with this. You can try anything else if you like it.

The result will be like this…


We see also I have tree links : Home , About and Contact.

Will need to link all to the app.js to make working well.

This is default content of app.js file:

Now is need to routing this links. Something like routing in Sinatra.

The app.js will become ( see my comments from // my changes to //end my changes ):

Will need to make all of this pages if not will get this error: 500 Error.

Go to views folder and make two empty file named about.jade and contact.jade .

To about.jade file add this text:

… and also change the contact.jade file with this source code:

The result will be this :


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