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Using sysv-rc-conf tool.

The sysv-rc-conf tool let you to use interface for managing /etc/rc{runlevel}.d/ symlinks. Just install this tool and you can use it, see next:

… or just type the command :

… and will working with this:

Make one simple browser using python module webkit and gtk.

Today I will show you one simple example with webkit python module. I will make one web browser. First you need to import the next python modules.

The window for browser is make with gtk python module. Just make one window and make all settings like: size , title and destroy function for quit.… Read More »

Display one message using assembly code under linux os.

The source code it’s very simple. The message it’s show using int 80 and eax with function 4. We need the message and length of this message. See next the source code and comments: