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Using AIDE – interface and settings.

Wikipedia tells us : A vacation or holiday is a specific trip or journey, usually for the purpose of recreation or tourism.

This not really true. If you have your tablet with android OS and one good idea don’t let it pass just use AIDE.
You can find AIDE here.
So the developer come with this: AIDE is an integrated development environment (IDE) for developing real Android Apps directly on Android devices.
Let see some settings and how it’s works.
Star the AIDE. In the next images I make a red line where you need to touch the tablet…
First image come when AIDE is update.
This is my project with two files . Now press the icon ( see red line from picture) .
The next image will show the content of the tree files. Touch the icon again ( browser ).
Now the folder tree will be show in the left.
The next button (settings) will show you some features. If you press More the will see more features.
After you press More button the new settings will show you . Like Export APK to export your application or Refresh Build to refresh your buid application
Go with your finger down and you’ll see more settings … The Settings button allow you to set your android compiler and more …
If you press on android icon then will see all files. You can close it if you want.
If you make two press on the content of the file will be able to write source code.
This image show you the content of Setting button from More… I using from some time the AIDE so I need to download the android.jar file.
Maybe is fixed now and you don’t need to do that.
Another great features is Dropbox . This allow you to keep your source code on Dropbox server. If don’t have a Premiun AIDE the will need to deal only with 5 files and without Git.   Good luck … See you later.

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Using sysv-rc-conf tool.

The sysv-rc-conf tool let you to use interface for managing /etc/rc{runlevel}.d/ symlinks.

Just install this tool and you can use it, see next:

… or just type the command :

… and will working with this:


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Make one simple browser using python module webkit and gtk.

Today I will show you one simple example with webkit python module.

I will make one web browser.

First you need to import the next python modules.

The window for browser is make with gtk python module.

Just make one window and make all settings like: size , title and destroy function for quit.

To put all we need in this window is need to create some areas using VBox and HBox.

In the HBox named box2 I put one adressbar and one button.

The adressbar and button are linked to functions using connect function.

I use two functions with same content to see how it’s linked with the widgets.

The button will run go_but when button is pressed.

The code source for this functions will check if in adressbar start with http://.

If is not find the http:// then will add and then will open the webpage.

If you want then you can change this two function and use just one.

Also we need the ScrolledWindow to show the content of the webpage.

And finally will start all

Next you can see the full source code of this example.

Next we can see the result of this python script.


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Display one message using assembly code under linux os.

The source code it’s very simple.

The message it’s show using int 80 and eax with function 4.

We need the message and length of this message.

See next the source code and comments:

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Give more memory to your android application.

Sometimes your application can request more memory to run.

This is very simple ,just add in your <application> tag : true.

The developers told us how can be used:

Read the SDK feature from here.

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