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Using bpy – changing colors .

This tutorial show you a simple example of python scripting into Blender 3D software. You need to select the window for scripting and to test with python scripting shell. First you need to add one object : cube. The default script and most common python script, start with this :

You need to see […]

Unity 3D – C# script – save and load file.

This is a simple C# script example for a C# class Player. The class Player come with this content into Player.cs C# script:

To make this C# script for saving the Player into one file I used this C# script named SaveLoadManager.cs:

The script come with two parts for save and load files. […]

pygame – using sound, mixer, volume, channels, fade-in and out effect .

PyGame module come with sound feature and this allow users to test some effects. The next source code will make a window and also will play a song. After you can test all effects with python version 3.4.1 . Just see the keys from source code and test it. The song is a ogg file. […]

Yara python module – part 001 .

YARA is a multi-platform program running on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. More about yara python module can be see it here YARA used this keywords with rules under files.

The Yara documentation can be found in this link. The yara python module use version 1.7.7 and this will need to use when […]

JSON IP and GeoIP REST API from telize website.

According to telize website : This service offers a REST API allowing to get a visitor IP address and to query location information from any IP address. It outputs JSON-encoded IP geolocation data, and supports both JSON and JSONP. There is no rate limit of any sort at the moment, and the service is free […]