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JavaScript – Pixi.js 2D library – part 001.

Today I will show you how to deal with Pixi.js.
Also it’s Winter holidays and Christmas traditions in Romania like: the Bear dance, the Masked carolers and the Goat.
This make me happy and I will use one image with: the Bear dance.
The Pixi.js library provide a fast lightweight 2D renderer.
First you need to download the javascript pixi.js from pixi github project.
I used two image files: datini.jpg, bur_effect.jpg and one png mask file named mask.png.
The scrip is very simple:

The output is this:
In case you want to see it live the try this link.

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Android Studio 2.0 – fix old projects.

Today I will show you how to fix easy to old android projects.
The new version of Android Studio
First try to build your android project. If you see this red X on your android studio then you need to fix it. So I click on app button. This will open one window – Edit Configuration. Then will see on this link: Update Project. Click on this link an will make the update.
Some android projects will come with some events log. For example to align the news from Android SDK and the Android Studio configuration. For example : the next image show us is need to fix android platform that by click on: Install missing …
After that try to build and run your old project.

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How to Flush DNS.

If you are running into a lot of “Page Not Found” errors and you know you’re connected to the internet, try flushing your DNS cache to have your computer request new information.
Open the command prompt and type ipconfig /flushdns and press key Enter.
Because most of computers that are connected to the internet automatically cache the hostname of the websites you have visited to make reloading the pages faster than if there was no cache.
If you used Linux OS then just use this: service restart network-manager and press key Enter. This will flush your fucking DNS.

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Fix Windows 10 after update.

Open Control Panel and search by type troubleshoot and click ( or tap Troubleshooting).
Then click Fix problems with Windows Update in the System and Security section.
fix windows 10 update

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The svgwrite python module – part 001.

The svgwrite python module is a tool by Manfred Moitzi.
To install this python module use Python 3.4 version.
Then you need to install svgwrite with pip3.4:

Also this svgwrite is the only module that needs to be imported and then you can deal with this module.
See this simple example:

The result of this python script is this SVG file.
If you use the dir() then you can see more about this python module:

For example you can add some text:

This tutorial can also be found at this website: python-catalin.blogspot.ro

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