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Blender 3D – python : set cursor to origin

Today I will show how to fix your 3D Cursor using python script.
First you can select Screen layout : Scripting from top of the Blender 3D application.
Then on the bottom of this ( python console ) type this python script:

Now your 3D Cursor will be into origin of 3D view space.
This will be useful when you want to select many objects to same origin geometry.

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Free Alarm Clock – version 3.1

This great application – Free Alarm Clock allows you to set as many alarms as you want.
You can set one-time alarms or repeating alarms every day every day in the week with different alarms to indicate your activities.
Also, comes with several tones and offers full access to your music library.
After you set the alarm will see a tray icon that can be added to the system tray.
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News: Youtube without flash player.

Youtube will let the Flash player to the past and come with HTML 5 features.
YouTube first added support for HTML5 back in 2010 when I used with Linux OS.
The main reason can be :”Most critically, HTML5 lacked support for Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) that lets us show you more videos with less buffering.”
Also, HTML5 extend beyond web browsers and it’s used in smart TVs and other streaming devices.
Read more about this, here.

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Blender 3D tutorial – tesla effect.

This is a simple tutorial about tesla effect. I make it to see how to handle with simple operations under Blender 3D enviroment. First you need to open Blender 3D application and you’ll see this :
Blender 3D tesla
Select your Camera with left mouse click and press this keys: Alt + R (this will reset your Camera rotation).
Press the 1 and/ or 5 numpad keys to be able to drag the camera. Now using right click over arrows to drag the camera into the centre of the screen. Each object has x,y and z arrow with this colors : red , green and blue.
Blender 3D tesla
With Camera object selected press this keys: R X and type 90 ( this will rotate the Camera with 90 degrees).
If you will press F12 key will see the output render image.
Select the Cube object with right mouse click and press X key , you will see one dialog message. Press ok to delete the Cube object.
The next step is to create the wires. Using left mouse click to put the mouse cursor into centre of the scene.
See if this possition is good by pressing 1 and 3 on your numpad keyboard. If not you can use also 3D rotation of the scene by pressing under wheel mouse and move the mouse. When your 3D cursor is on centre of the screen then you can add the wires, see:
Press this keys : Shift + A and select : Curve , Nurbs Curve . Then press R , X 90 and then R , Y 90. This is the result:
Drag this into center of view camera by using left mouse click under red arrow (will move it under x possition).
Then press N and you will see a panel with some stuff : like Transform (not of this is set to 0 and this is bad).
Now will fix location, rotation and scale by pressing key Ctr + A and fix all of this ( see Transform from panel).
As you see the centre of this object is not into the centre of nurbs curve was move it, so press :
Shift + S and select Cursor to selected, put your cursor under nurbs curve and press Shift + Ctr + Alt + C and select origin to 3D cursor. The x,y,z location will not be 0 , but the centre of object is into right place.
The centre of object can also be set into edit mode but I will show you into another tutorial.
Now add a new Curve Circle with Shift + A keys  into the scene.
Now select the Nurbs Curve and from property of this select BezierCircle to make this wire.
After that , when you scale the BezierCircle the wire will be change it. Select the Nurbs Curve press Ctr+D to duplicate, move it along x axis using key G and X, press R and 180 to have this:
See if this possition is good by pressing 1 and 3 on your numpad keyboard.
Press Ctr + A and add Empty – Arrow to this. Press Ctr + D this will duplicate it. Grab it along x axis under second Nurbs Curve. Then for each Empty press I and select LocRot to set keyframe 0. Go to yeyframe 60 (select by left click mouse under Timeline – see the bottom of the Blender 3D application) and by selecting each empty press I with LocRot to fix the end location.
Test all to be into same possition along x axis by using 1 and 3 from numpad.
Select framekey 20 and with Shift key select this two Empty move it along Z by presing G key and Z.
Now press S key and X key and scale all. This two Empty will need to touch all Nurbs Curves and press I key with LocRot.
Repeat by selecting key frame 40 and this time grab it along Z axis to the bottom of wires – Nurbs Curves and scale it along X axis. Make same operation to set it on keyframe 30. In this key frame the Empty will need to touch the Nurbs Curves.
Set the end of keyframes rate to 60.
If is all good when you press Alt + A the Empty’s will follow the Nurbs Curbs.
See the next picture to see how I set this:
Select this two Empty press Shift + S – Cursor to Selected and then Shift + A – Curve – Path to add one Path to this Emptys.
Press Tab key and select 3 by 5 vertices and press Del key to remove them and press Tab key again.
See if this Path is between two empty. If not grab it and also use Shift + Ctr +Alt + C to set Origin to Geometry. Test all to be into same possition along x axis by using 1 and 3 from numpad.
Select one Empty then select the Path , press Tab to go into Edit Mode and select just one vertice and press Ctr + H to hook it with Hook to Selected Object.
Repeat with the second Empty and the vertice from Path. This will hook the Path to this two Emptys.
Test animation by using Alt + A keys. If it working well then select the Path go to Modifiers tab.
You will see your two hook and will need to add a new one Wave.
I add another one Wave modifier and I set it with my values. You will need to set with yours because this depends by your objects size. Also on each wave modifiers you need to uncheck the Y from Motion.
Also the Path will need to set, go to Geometry Extrude from Data ( here is all property of Path) and set Extrude.
This will make it more visible. Then select one material for your Path and you can make Your animation.
You can download my file from here.

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